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  • I truly loved the auction. The staff are super great.

– beckyled

  • I had my doubts I could find a good match. But with Sensual Delights team to help me.  The Master of my dreams found me.  I have never been happier. I am the luckiest lady in SL. We are now partnered and well on our way of making a life together. Thank every one so much  Barbie

– BarbieAlgood

  •  I am very thankful to the Owner she was super friendly to me and also some of the Staff was super friendly too  the Owner gave me without a thought a second chance  so yes my experience is positive and good and also my new Master is very friendly and kind  thank you all very much

– BubuBun Resident

  •  I was sold as a slave at SDSA. All of the different aspects the staff were superb in guiding me through the application process and explaining all of the different aspects of the process. I could not have wished for more help and their guidance made the experience excellent and fulfilling. SDSA stuck rigidly to the terms that had been outlined to me and paid my share of the funds promptly and without and problems at all. Fantastic service! I would not hesitate to use them again if I eventually split from my new owner.

– Samantha Kyung

  • The staff are lovely and nothing was to much all questions answered
    May have found a permeant Master only time will tell

– riverstorme

  • Was a good experience i got, for the first time being on auction. And when iam on first day, its like iam starting a new schoo day, hahaha. Really worried, but when i meet many bidder and staff, they all really friendly. They offer such a good service, really helpfull to get us on the board for auction. From 1-10 i will give 100 from 10 :). Thank you for all staff and manager on auction SD

– Vaneesa02

  • I met a lot of great dominants while i was there , but one stood out after a great talk to each other, we are now together and looking forward to great times together, he is a very devoted Dom well now my Master smiles brightly. I know things van go sideways but I don’t think this one will the one

– laquetakimya

  • Great experience and great week, only happiness, love and more. life can be simple and full of surprises.

– Umiline

  • This experience has been unique. It is the first time that I do it and I am completely focused, motivated and excited to satisfy my new owner every day and every moment. Thank you for the opportunity

– lionessa

  • A nice and formal site where almost 24 hours a day you find a member of the team willing to help you. Easy access for new to SL and very friendly people in general. I consider a long-term relationship with the second dominant known in this place. Thank you.

– nshmaa

  • It was a pleasure to be sold at this auction. I would like to emphasize how beautiful the sim is and how helpful and friendly the staff are.

– Bela Beleza

  • I had a really good experience, i met someone i clicked with right away, we spoke alot, i was excited to see how things would go and then RL happened. i had to leave early, was saddened but he sought me out to find out why i had to leave. He was very understanding about my RL and stayed in contact till i could return. Both the auction house and this Dom were amazing. To find caring people at such a time, really made me feel blessed. i would gladly recommend this auction house. They care.

– Tansy Evergarden

  • It was a good experience. I found a good and amazing Master which I choose to be with. Thank you for the great work.

– SandieLF92

  • Everyone was kind, helpful and encouraging…those for sale, Staff and patrons
    This was my first auction and i must admit as it came close to the end i was a little scared. There are those that took it very serious and those that didn’t…but thanks to the rules in place and support, those that are on sale are very looked after.

    Thank you for the experience

– lildarlyn

  • The experience has been incredible, at first with a lot of nerves, but then very sure of what I was doing … kisses to all and thank you very much 🙂

– sshenya

  • I must say, My experience was scary AF. i was really scared of giving the Auction a try to find my new owner but at least i have found one that is a good match to me so far. I dont think i will ever go on Auction again although i do not hope so because being shattered appart and being on Auction at the same time is a really scary step i have ever made in my life, but Will see in the long run.

– ScarletJaneJ

  • I’d been through the auctions in the past, and did a private sale. Unfortunately the sub’s RL got in the way and after a week she wasn’t around any longer. So I kept going back, just talking to auctionee’s, but wasn’t finding anything that really fit. About five auctions later, I was doing the usual, talking to some of them that piqued my interest, and one managed to capture my interest even more. Over the coarse of it, we talked each day, a lot. I got to know her, and she got to know me. We talked about a private sale, but she wasn’t wanting me to spend that much on her, though she did want me to win. To her the money wasn’t the important thing so when the auction end-date arrived, I was there, ready to counter any bids that happened to come along. While I joke with her that I got her at a discount, about 50% of what I paid on the original private sale, she’s 100% above the one I did get before. I can honestly say that she’s been well worth it, and more. My pet, Najah, has been the best thing I’ve come across in some time.

– Video1313

  • Had given up after so many failed tries, heartache and pain..gave it one last shot and found my Dark prince and we are both thrilled we met and plan to make it work .. he is all I could ever ask for, had a great experience with staff and made some new friends too 🙂
     I will miss you all but, I have a home now with my Daddy Dom, waiting to make a new chapter in our life  🙂

– Sweetcandylove14

  •  I am really enjoyed my time at SDSA.  The staff is professional and courteous.  The whole process is constructed very well.  I’m quite optimistic that I will find what I am looking for here.

– Realmy Daysleeper

  • I found an amazing man thanks to Sensual Delights Auction.
    I can’t be grateful enough.
    Hopefully we will last… *Giggles*
    Otherwise I will sure be coming back to them! 😛
    Thanks a lot, to all of you!

– Alexandra Resident

  • This is the best auction in all of secondlife. amazing staff always willing to help when ever you need and very friendly people staff, auctonees,and buyers. i was hesitant because i was told it was females only could be on auction but its not true i went up for auction and was way late on board only 10 days left till end and i ended up finding My Master and forever home best Masters and auction thank you soo much i reccomand this 100/10 to everyone you will not find a better more friendly and amazing auction i promise you

– bradfabian

  • Throughout the whole auction process I felt everything was handled professionally and was very well organized.  I highly recommend Sensual Delights Slave Auction to anyone seeking an Owner or sub/slave. I am very pleased with the results of the auction I was in.

– Anli Nishi

  • The staff is very courteous and helpful throughout the entire process of the auction making the whole experience smooth and professional. I appreciate the efforts they make to insure a good match.

– Linda Lunt

  • I found myself an absolutely wonderful guy that I am proud to call a Daddy Dom. he has been so wonderful to me and it makes me so happy that I have found him. if it wasn’t for deciding to toss my name up on the board we probably would never have met and I would have missed out on his amazing soul.

– dynamic1lilly

  • The moment I joined I was welcomed and felt comfortable, the staff are lovely and very helpful. I was guided through every step of the auction procedure and even before I was won I was helped with sorting out my outfits and preperation. Simply spending time there to hang out is worth doing to meet all sorts of people. Everyone is respectful and fun to chat with.

– otherscruffy

  • I was on the auction that ended on July 25, 2020.  I had a wonderful experience.  There is just no comparable way to meet this many people and have a chance to find someone you really “click” with.  I think people can get caught  up in titles and not see the deep hearted benefit of these events.  It really is a matchmaking service for those of us looking for a real connection.  The man that I met at auction was the perfect match for me.  i am head of heals happy with the outcome.  I think the key is to be on site as often as you can during the 2 week display period and talk and talk to everyone you can.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about things that are very important to you and do not be afraid to say “no, that is not something I will accept in my relationship” .  I will always have deep gratitude to Sensual Delights and the staff for all their help.

– Rose (BellaRavenHawk)

  •  I was brought along by a friend, who suggested i take the slave training course, why i still do not know, but it was good, very good. It was a great way to explore the sim, as well as for new people entering the BDSM world. I even had my sub in training do this course.My first interaction was with Cat, she was amazingly helpful and if she was unsure of something, she found out for me. Since coming here, from day one, I’ve felt very welcomed by everyone and highly recommend coming here. I’m sure ill be around for a long time.Thank you SDSA Team

– WolfGrrrr

  • Sensual Delights is an extremely professional organization, from the auction house itself to the conduct of its employees. The staff have been courteous and knowledgeable every step of the way, from negotiating a private sale to answering questions my sub and I have throughout the process. The documentation on the website and within the contract itself brings peace of mind as a buyer and helped me get off on the right foot with my boy. By the fourth day we knew we wanted to stay together after the contract ended and I am now the proud owner and caretaker of him. I credit Sensual Delights for a smooth experience in helping me find and develop a wonderful relationship by giving my sub and I a structured approach to getting to know one another in a safe and intuitive manner.

– Miz Phobos

  • During this past auction, I had developed a good rapport with one of the auctionees. I had placed a bid that I felt would have stayed solid until the day of the auction. However, another bidder countered the bid by a substantial amount. The auctionee had no desire to go with the new bidder due to the fact that this bidder had only spoken to her once maybe twice and only brief, unlike myself who had been there everyday for several hours each day. When the auctionee made her desire that she too wanted to go with a private sale, I went to speak to one of the staff members. The person in question didn’t have the authority to take the private sale, so she escalated it up to the next tier.  I then spoke to Molly, who gave me the price of what it would have been for the private sale. I gave a counter offer which she wasn’t able to take and suggested that I speak with the manager, Celestrea. So on next day, I was able to speak to Celestrea and worked out a deal for the private sale that made all parties involved happy. I would like to thank the staff for their assistance in helping me with the private sale and will tell others of their professionalism.

– Danara Kalinakov

  •  Best place in SL to work, friendly Staff, always around if you need help with something not A.F.K. and a lot of eye candy on auction boards from Furries to slaves , also have events and come check Sensual Slave Delights for a pleasant experience, matching Doms & Slave/Subs daily 🙂

– Raven Delgado

  • Thanks to you guys i have found the most awesome Mistress I could not have done it without you. Thank you so much!

– Husky Faith

  • For as long as I have been on SL, i have never been sold at auction.  so after looking at other places, i choose Sensual Delights,  I have to tell you, I am sooo happy with the choice i made.  First off, professional, from the owner to the staff making sure you have all the information, training and tools you would need.  The location, lovely and well thought out.  A dance area and game area and a shopping area as well.  The auction itself, i went down every day to meet and greet,  Everyone was pleasant and friendly.  I had such a good time with that.  the auction day went smooth and the sale was exciting.  I met my Mistress and she and i had a wonderful week together.  If you are going to be auctioned, save yourself trouble and just go to Sensual Delights,,, iI know if i do this again,, and I’m sure I will, they will be the ones I turn to

– erika ikura

  • I have found that for the short time I have gone to ” Sensual Delights ” that I have found the ladies to be very gracious, intelligent and open about what they expect and desire which is critical to a decent ongoing relationship. I would suggest Sensual Delights to anyone seeking a sub, slave or just a companion.

– M.Wryter

  • I just ended my trial period with my Mistress and I am very pleased! The whole auction experience with Sensual Delights was easy and they are all so friendly there and helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone

– christopherwinchester

  • The staff here have done an excellent job of harboring an environment that assures the safety of the slaves on auction while maintaining a loose and welcoming atmosphere.

-Mulgosh (phastymus)

  • With the abundance of Masters who drop by at Auction house, it makes one feel that there is real hope with making that connection.  Two times now I have been lucky with that experience, one lasting for two years and now this one.  My Master is giving, kind, guiding, and firm, a true Master enabling a girl to grow to her potential, all things I was looking for, he fulfills that and much more.  Thank you for all your help,  Celestrea, Becca, and Muse, and the many other great people that work at the house,

– dragonmotherkhaleesi

  • Aiii so happy with my couple who bought me. A dom and sub pair. I have been fully welcomed and get to have the best of both worlds, the love of a wonderful woman and the love and domination of a wonderful dom. It’s so wonderful to find a good poly match which is so impossible to seem to find in this big world of SL. But while on auction it seems to be the place poly people do tend to go so they can test you out and see how you’d fit. and vise versa. It’s a great time to get to know couples without pressure. I find it was the best way to find my match. I couldn’t be happier


  • Walking into Sensual Delights is like walking into a cake shop, there are SO many yummy things there, but you know that if you have too many, things will go badly, so you try to make the best choice you can. Talking to the girls was easy, and funny and sensual, the staff are friendly and silly and put you at ease through the process. After long talks and an amazing match, I am happy to say I found my cake and I am eating it too.

– Micah Reid (MicahReid)

  • Sensual Delights is such a wonderful auction house. I found my match within the first 2 weeks I was up for sale. The staff is kind, friendly, and helpful. I made some good friends there. The parties thrown there are really awesome and the discussions are really insightful. If it doesn’t work out with my owner, I’ll use them again. You can’t go wrong letting Sensual Delights handle your auction.

-Mirella Rexie

  • Very simple..I found the most amazing slave, Angelique, She is keeping me so very happy. Thanks Sensual Delights.

– CharlieSward

  • Signing up was a multi-step process but there were always helpful people around to guide you.  The staff are amazingly nice and funny.  There are events regularly to dance and enjoy everyone’s company.  Simply hanging out at the boards and chatting is always fun, too.


  • Awesome place, the staff are super nice and very helpful. Everyone I’ve met here has been a lot of fun.

– twistedminx41

  •  I was nervous at first.  I was looking for a Mistress having missed being with one for a long time.  I found my perfect Mistress at Sensual Delights!  She came in and swooped me up.  We had so much in common.  I can’t give enough thanks to the staff for being so wonderful to me and welcoming.  It was pleasant.  The whole experience was just a good one.  And I feel like I made a family there.  THANK YOU!


  • I was able to find a wonderful sub I was looking for , the staff was helpful easy to approach and answered questions promptly , overall I would rate it a great experience , I would recommend to any Dom  on the look for a new charge to give them a try .

– mrstrange001

  • Hi, I purchased my dear Nadia on the auction and it is a perfect fit. I am very happy to have joined the aution and wish all the people the same great fortune.

-Caesarion Passariello

  • Excellent! Before, during and after the auction.
    and more important: Successful

–  nadiapal

  • It is an AMAZING place in an AMAZING environment with AMAZING people. Love You ALL

– Stickyams Darkstone

  • I am Queen of my realm , I have traveled these lands far and wide, i search of a place i can find a respectable Auction House.  Sensual Delights has been by far the most reputable, fair, and honest realm I have visited. The staff is friendly and offers assistance to your every need. This I have decreed to my lands for all to come and pay them a visit. You will not be disappointed!

-Queen of Fire realm Kingdom,