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•·.·´¯`·.·• Sim Rules •·.·´¯`·.·•


  • Please be respectful of all who are on this sim whether dominant or slave/sub. Everyone has different views and protocols but respect is universal. Just because you do not enjoy or require what another does, it does not give you the right to be rude and disrespectful.

  • We do not allow anyone to disrespect to anyone on sim, this includes, visitors, auctionees and staff. If you feel someone is being rude or disrespectful please alert a staff member for assistance.


  • We do not tolerate any form of harassment, griefing or drama.


  • Poaching is stealing and is prohibited. This will result in an automatic ban. This includes Dominants requesting slaves leave with them whether they are on auction or not or slaves soliciting Doms for the same purpose. (For further information on poaching please see: What Is Poaching)


  • The Auction area allows nudity only on slaves for auction, all others must be dressed to cover their bits. The only exception are for those escorted by their owners (preferably leashed so there is no confusion as to who they belong to).


  • Under no circumstance are slaves or visitors to engage in any physical contact. This is not a free sex sim. ABSOLUTELY NO sexual activity allowed.

  • We have provided a variety of areas on the sim level that auctionees and visitors may visit for a more private talk or cuddle. All activities must be PG-13 in nature.


  • Submissive poses, collars with open access, spankers with open access, tummy talkers etc are not allowed on the auction floor. The only exception are for those escorted by their owners (preferably leashed so there is no confusion as to who they belong to) and any scripted items must be closed access (accessible to their owner and whitelist ONLY).


  • Dominants and slaves are encouraged to communicate both in local and in IM in an effort to get to know one another better.

  • Sensual Delights wants to encourage open and honest communication. We have no issues with auctionees and Visitors IMing and getting to know one another, you can speak freely in IM but once an auctionee draws the line and does not wish to delve deeper into a subject or conversation we demand that the other party refrain from the same. This is a matter of respect and the limits of said auctionee.

  • Visitors are only allowed to IM slaves for sale or staff members. Any other communication MUST be in local chat.

  • Please be aware that sharing of IMs among staff members and Owners of the sim is permitted. Sometimes we need to share information in order to deal with an issue. By being on this sim and/or participating in any of our events, you are waiving any TOS rights and you are permitting us to share all information for the purpose of resolving conflicts.

  • We do not allow discussion of bids or other bidders with ANYONE other than Sensual Delights Auction Staff.


  • We do our best to verify the auctionees for sale by asking for information on their applications. It is YOUR responsibility as a buyer to know the person that you are bidding, and get voice verification on BEFORE you bid.  Refunds will not be issued for non-verification. 

  • Staff will NOT voice, or cam verify anyone for you.

  • You may ask for voice verification only in SL if both parties are in agreement. Voice calls for any other purpose other than verification are only allowed AFTER you have won the auction for that person. 

  • Auctionees are not required to voice verify. They may do so only if they feel comfortable.

  • RL pictures and Cam verification are NOT PERMITTED to be requested by the buyers. 

  • Private calls, private cam sessions and special requests for pictures MAY be done AFTER you have purchased the auctionee only. 

  • You may opt to use other platforms besides Second Life to voice and cam after your sale.
    (Sensual Delights contracts require at least 1 hour per day spent online in second life. We do not accept information from other platforms. This means that you MUST log in and spend time together on second life everyday).

  • You may contact staff in second life BEFORE you are sold if other arrangements outside of second life have been agreed to by the buyer. This MUST be pre-approved by ALL parties. 


  • Please pick up a copy of the Slave package and complete an application. Once you complete the application please click on a board and follow the board directions. A staff member must approve your board!


  • Please see our buyers guide for FAQ and Sensual Delights procedures located at:  Buyer’s Guide


  • If an Auctionee asks a bidder not to bid They will provide logs of them asking the bidder to not bid and staff will notate their file. If the bidder does bid again, that bid is then forfeit and the Auctionee is not required to serve that Dominant.

  • Auctionees MUST have a valid reason for asking someone to stop bidding on you. (i.e  the bidder did not communicate with you before they bid, they are making you feel uncomfortable,  the bidder does not fit in with limits on your, etc) 


  • Bite requests, life force draining, etc are strictly forbidden. We do not participate in Third party HUD games of any nature which entails recruiting or any actions involving individuals other than yourself. 

  • These actions can constitute potential poaching activities which is a bannable offense. 


  • Sensual Delights is a privately run sim and reserves the right to ban avatars for any reason or sim violations. 

  • If you have been banned because of infractions against the sim rules or auction contract and desire to be re-enabled to return you MUST fill in an unban request here:

  • An active ban will forfeit any payouts or refunds pertaining to Sensual Delights or any affiliations thereof.