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•·.·´¯`·.·• Basic Information •·.·´¯`·.·•

*IMPORTANT*   The application is also your contract, this is a three (3) party (1) Week contract between Sensual Delights, the auctionee & the winning bidder. Any and all changes to the contract must be agreed upon by ALL parties.
The auction runs for 2 weeks and ends on Saturday 11am slt. Plan to be here here on display and available to talk to buyers as much as possible prior to the auction ending time. If you are here and available we will send notices to advertise you. Remember the more you are here the more opportunities you will have to talk to dominants!
 By placing yourself up for sale you are agreeing to being online and in world a MINIMUM of 1 hour per calendar day and spending ALL your online time WITH your winning bidder for the week following the auction end date (7 Calendar days).This is also an agreement that you will complete your auction and contract, remember once you have made the commitment you are obligated to complete all terms herein.
All subs/slaves must be 18 years of age Rl and a min of 30 days old in SL.

Optional Private Sales

You may elect to end your auction early at any time in a private sale. If a private sale concludes your auction your percentage upon completion of contract period decreases to 50%.
** Any refund paid to your winning bidder cancels your contract and forfeits any proceeds from your sale. (We will notify you if a refund is requested and give you a chance to rectify any situation under your control) **
The Refund Policy is outlined in the buyer’s guide.


  • Familiarize yourself with the Sensual Delights SIM Rules & Buyers Guide.
  • Join the Sensual Delights Group & a staff member will invite you to the Sensual Delights Slave Group (The slave group must be active while for sale). Remain in the slave group until you have been paid. If you leave the slave group prior to payment you will forfeit the payment
  • Those on auction are owned by Sensual Delights Slave Auction House.
  • They are NOT allowed go off sim with ANYONE they met at auction
  • They are NOT allowed to go to other auction houses, escort sims or BDSM roleplay sim.
  • During your auction & contract period you are NOT allowed to place yourself for sale at Sensual Delights or any other auction with any avatar that you control. Also you are not allowed to visit or work at another auction house during your auction & contract period.
  • We ask you to be respectful at all times. Any issues should immediately be brought to the attention of a Staff member in a private IM. Please be aware that sharing of IMs among staff members and Owners of the sim is permitted.
  • Auctionees must commit to be displayed on auction every day for at least one hour.
  • If you meet all requirements and fulfill your one week contract you will receive 65% of the highest bid. 50% on a private sale.
  • DO NOT discuss other bids or bidders with ANYONE other than staff
  • DO NOT be disrespectful to anyone on sim, get a staff member if you need help
  • If you believe your bidder is a ‘mismatch’ POLITELY let the bidder know. There is no need to be disrespectful. If you need assistance please contact a staff member.
  • Once someone goes up for auction they are contracted and obligated to remain on auction for the duration of the auction & abide by all the rules.
  • You MUST be at the Sensual Delights auction area for not less than 1 hour per day (but as much as possible).
  • If you come online as often as stated in application & are available to talk to buyers, then there should be no reason that you cannot find someone matching. We have a huge variety of owners that come here looking for the one that they will mesh with. We do not restrict slaves and buyers from speaking in IM.
  • The big problems come when auctionees do not show up at the times they say on their application and still expect to be sold without being available to talk with buyers as they have indicated. So I will stress this again: auctionees should be here the hours that auctionees stated in application, & be available to talk to buyers.
  • A private sale is a little different than an auction end. There are MANY times that an owner and a slave will meet and do not want to wait until the auction ends or chance it that someone else will outbid them. We can make a private sale if that is the case. In a private sale though ALL parties must agree.
  • Please be advised that any visitor that you meet while on auction is obligated to purchase you through the auction house during your auction period or afterwards should both parties desire to begin a D/S relationship
  • Remember your application is your contract, by agreeing to be on auction here you are agreeing to all terms and conditions herein. Please make sure to fill out your application as completely as possible!
  • All questions, concerns or issues shall be brought to a staff member by private IM only. We want to help you find a good match and assist if problems occur. DO NOT air your dirty laundry in local or group chat. This is strictly prohibited!

Slave Training Certification Course

Sensual Delights Slave Auction and BDSM Community is proud to announce the Slave Training/Certification Course! 

This is an interactive, structured and self guided course that covers a wide variety of topics. 

We are proud to offer this course free of charge to all and offers those on auction an extra incentive for Doms knowing you have at least a basic understanding of these topics. 

  • Once you Complete the Course you will receive
  • A Certificate of completion
  • Approved Recognition in your contract that you have completed the slave training course
  • A Visual acknowledgement of your completion on your auction board (You get a Gold Star!) 

For more information click HERE!


  • By submitting your application and agreeing to the rules of the auction you are obligating yourself to complete the contract (Your approved application IS your contract please make sure to read it thoroughly).

Opt out: We do understand that things happen beyond our control and should you find yourself unable to complete your contract you must contact a staff member for approval. Once approved you may have the choice of the following:

  • You may bid on yourself as per our buyers guide. (In this option you will receive your commission upon completion of the contract week)
  • You may outbid the current high bidder (or a minimum of the starting bid) and we will close out your auction. (In this option no commission will be paid, but you will be in good standing and welcome to return)

Leaving an active auction without following these steps will result in a listing of no-sell at Sensual Delights.

The Sensual Delights staff works hard to assist both subs and Doms during your stay here. We want you to have a good experience with us. All fees associated with the approved opt out choices go towards maintaining the sim and being able to continue to provide that service for years to come.

♦♦♦   Very Important Note Sensual Delights Auction House DOES NOT CONDONE AGE PLAY of any kind and expects both seller and buyer not to. If, as a slave, you are asked to enter into child play we advise that you terminate your arrangement right away and inform the appropriate authorities.  ♦♦♦