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Every 2 Weeks we will Feature a new Dominant to win a Date with! 

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The Current Featured Dominant is……..

Chasulpotnit Domenitzo

(Raffle Ending 1/19/2020 2pm SLT)


▶ Avatar Login Name: Chasulpotnit Domenitzo

▶ Avatar Display Name: As above so below.

▶ Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation:

(*) Straight ( ) Bi ( ) Gay ( ) OTHER (please specify):

Are you interested in pursuing a D/S relationship after the Date?

(?) Yes ( ) No – Anything is possible if theres good chemistry.

Would you be interested in a polyamorous relationship?

(*) Yes ( ) No – Normally I am poly and keep playmates and not serious subs. I am not opposed to a more formal situations and have had many non poly relationships in the past. But anyone going into a date with me should expect I might have other people I am with periodically playing with.

▶ I am looking for:

(*) Slave
(*) Submissive

Sexual Orientation:

(*) Straight (*) Bi ( ) Gay ( ) OTHER (please specify):

Lifestyle Roles (kinks) they may ALSO enjoy:

(*) Babygirl/boy – (NOT AGEPLAY!)
(*) Pony girl/boy
(*) Animal or pet roles
(*) Furry
( ) Non-sexual service (ie maid, butler, personal assistant)
( ) Switch


▶ Typical times that you can be Available for your Date (In SLT please):

For example : Monday: 10am -3pm

Really times are flexible for me and may go outside the base times I give below. Also some times I get busy and have appointments pop up on me. RL can be nutterz some times but I am sure I can work around most people to give them full attention for the alloted time and perhaps a good deal longer.

SUNDAY: 9:00am – 7:00pm
MONDAY: 9:00am – 7:00pm
TUESDAY: 9:00am – 7:00pm
WEDNESDAY: 9:00am – 7:00pm
THURSDAY: 9:00am – 7:00pm
FRIDAY: 9:00am – 7:00pm
SATURDAY: 9:00am – 7:00pm


▶ Use THIS space to write about yourself, your likes, dislikes, turn ons, etc.

Bio: I have been in SL a rather long time, since before this account. When I get on here now I just wanna enjoy myself. I am a pretty much an open book most of the time for anyone curious. I enjoy good conversation and prefer voice. But I am fine typing and enjoy good RP as well. I am ok typing just short emotes out to good solid para emoting. Likely should just be open about what your into and what you would enjoy out of such a short period of time. Four hours is hardly long enough to get to know someone. But I think It’s a fun idea all the same.

▶ Date ideas (Anything you may have in mind, remember sex is NOT guaranteed!)

– I’m pretty open to ideas about this. I used to do allot of formal dance places and slow dancing. But as a furry now I am not even sure I have a suit that fits. (Could likely fix that… XD) That or I guess I could just tie someone up the whole time. If whoever wins doesn;t have any ideas of what they want to do though. Id say it will likely be in the moment and spontaneous creativity on my part if I am to pick the style of date.


– Age Play and anything against T.O.S.
– I don’t do anything that involves mockery of religion in any way. (i.e. no nun outfits or bondage crosses.)
– No scat. I am not opposed to piss entirely but it has to be kinda talked about before hand if thats gonna happen.

What are your Soft Limits? (Things you may do with discussion)

– Anything questionable I am willing to talk about and work through possible dynamics. I am not overly into causing someones body serious damage. Spanking and so forth I enjoy doing allot. But I am not a good option for someone that wants to be seriously abused.


▶ THREE Words that fit your personality:
1. Humor
2. Bananas &
3. Waffles. . .

Not limited to brevity laden Shenanigans . And or as to having a Ravenous appetite .

▶ Your EMOTING Skills: (light, moderate or advanced) ~ Feel Free to Provide a sample~

I normally try to match the amount of writing to whom I am with. As was already said I am decent at emoting. Emoting to no one seems slightly silly though, so I am gonna skip the demo and say to just find out.

▶ Any other relevant information:


(These are items that the dominant desires of the sub/slave partner or enjoys participating in)

(0 ) – I would never do this with you
( 1 ) – Not my thing, but OK if it’s yours
( 2 ) – Probably not but might happen
( 3 ) – I’m curious about this. Convince me.
( 4 ) – I’d do that with you under most circumstances.
( 5 ) – This is an absolute must have for me.

[3] Anal Play
[2] Animal Play/Roles
[1] Bathroom Play
[1] Bestiality
[3] Bi Sexual
[4] Blindfolds
[2] Body Modification
[5] Bondage
[5] Breast Play
[5] Breeder
[4] Cage/Cell locked
[3] Chasity Belt
[5] Cock Play – Rarely going to complain about someone playing with my anatomy . . .
[5] Cock Rings – I normally have one on with my current avatar.
[5] Collars
[5] Cuffs
[1] Cutting
[3] Displayed
[4] Exhibitionism
[2] Fisting
[5] Floggers
[5] Following Orders RL
[3] Foot Play/Worship
[5] Furry
[4] Gags
[5] Harnesses
[3] Humiliation
[3] Hypnosis – I like the idea of doing it but have not done enough research to consider it a safe thing for me to do to anyone.
[3] Inspection
[2] Kidnapping
[1] Knife Play
[4] Kama Sutra
[5] Lactation / Milking
[5] Nudity
[5] Oral Sex
[4] Orgasm Control
[2] Orgies
[4] Pain
[4] Phone Sex
[3] piercings
[3] Pony Play
[0] Prison Scenes
[1] Prostitution
[1] Rape Roleplay
[5] Restraints
[5] Rope Play
[4] Sadomasochism
[0] Scat
[3] Sensory Deprivation
[5] Serving Others
[5] Sex
[1] Sex Deprivation
[5] Spanking
[0] Strap-Ons
[2] Swapping/Swinging
[4] Teasing
[3] Torture
[3] Used by Others
[4] Vibrator Play
[5] Voyeurism
[2] Water Sports
[4] Whipping