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Every 2 Weeks we will Feature a new Dominant to win a Date with! 

Raffle Tickets are for sale on the Sensual Delights Sim! 


The Current Featured Dominant is……..

Marius Carthage

(Raffle Ending 10/27/2019)


Avatar Login Name: Marius Carthage

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation:

(x ) Straight ( ) Bi ( ) Gay ( ) OTHER (please specify):

I’m not much interested in men, but I am willing to have your boy or Owner watch me take you over and over again and enjoy hearing your moans, then clean my massive meat afterwards..
Are you interested in pursuing a D/S relationship after the Date?

(x) Yes ( ) No

I have a couple of girls with busy RL schedules that prevent them to serve me, but for an outstanding woman with the right schedule, which Im sure you are I would consider adding you to my chain.

Would you be interested in a polyamorous relationship?

( x) Yes Time zones ans schedules are always a problem in sl which is why I seek poly,
there are times I am alone which Im sure can be filled by knowing you.

▶ I am looking for:

(x) Slave
(x) Submissive

I’m no Daddy Dom, so if you’re looking for someone to cuddle and spank you, I’m not your best choice. However I know myself well and what I seek to serve me, I have rules and will not tolerate any of my girls breaking them, if this happens you will be punished as I see fit.

Sexual Orientation:

(x) Straight (x) Bi ( ) Gay ( ) OTHER (please specify):

Lifestyle Roles (kinks) they may ALSO enjoy:

( ) Babygirl/boy – (NOT AGEPLAY!)
( ) Pony girl/boy
( ) Animal or pet roles
( ) Furry
( ) Non-sexual service (ie maid, butler, personal assistant)
( ) Switch


▶ Typical times that you can be Available for your Date (In SLT please):

For example : Monday: 10am -3pm

I’m around all day every day except for lunch, dinner, and after 8 pm SLT



▶ Use THIS space to write about yourself, your likes, dislikes, turn ons, etc.

I’m a traditional Dom: strict, fair, controlling, demanding and egotistical. My goal is to make you feel peaceful and relaxed because all you have to do is obey me, and know that you are safe doing that. as I will always protect you, I listen to my girl and give her what she needs. I figure out what makes her tick. I make her life simple and satisfying.

▶ Date ideas (Anything you may have in mind, remember sex is NOT guaranteed!)

I have my own sim and spend most of my time there, but I like to dress nice and go to a ballroom. I have a boat with a wakeboard. I like to build things.

No sex with me for the first few days. You gotta earn it.


– Age Play and anything against T.O.S.
– Scat and Vomit
– Blood, Knives, Mayhem
– Creepy Torture, Cannibalism, shit like that

What are your Soft Limits? (Things you may do with discussion)

– Either I don’t do it, or I do it as much as I want, that’s all you need to know.


▶ THREE Words that fit your personality:
1. Empathy
2. Honesty
3. Confidence

▶ Your EMOTING Skills: (light, moderate or advanced) ~ Feel Free to Provide a sample~

I can talk your damn ear off.

▶ Any other relevant information:

I am probably old enough to be your father., with this being said then you will know that in my care we will grow and learn together.


(These are items that the dominant desires of the sub/slave partner or enjoys participating in)

Everything here that is not a zero is a 5. These are all things I do to you.

(0 ) – I would never do this with you
( 1 ) – Not my thing, but OK if it’s yours
( 2 ) – Probably not but might happen
( 3 ) – I’m curious about this. Convince me.
( 4 ) – I’d do that with you under most circumstances.
( 5 ) – This is an absolute must have for me.

[5] Anal Play
[5] Animal Play/Roles
[5] Bathroom Play
[0] Bestiality
[5] Bi Sexual
[5] Blindfolds
[5] Body Modification
[5] Bondage
[5] Breast Play
[5] Breeder
[5] Cage/Cell locked
[5] Chasity Belt
[0] Cock Play
[5] Cock Rings
[5] Collars
[5] Cuffs
[5] Cutting
[5] Displayed
[5] Exhibitionism
[5] Fisting
[5] Furry
[5] Gags
[5] Harnesses
[5] Humiliation
[5] Hypnosis
[5] Inspection
[5] Kidnapping
[0] Knife Play
[5] Kama Sutra
[0] Lactation / Milking
[5] Nudity
[5] Oral Sex
[5] Orgasm Control
[5] Orgies
[5] Pain
[5] Phone Sex
[5] Piercings
[5] Pony Play
[5] Prison Scenes
[5] Prostitution
[5] Rape Roleplay
[5] Restraints
[5] Rope Play
[5] Sadomasochism
[0] Scat
[5] Sensory Deprivation
[5] Serving Others
[5] Sex
[5] Sex Deprivation
[5] Spanking
[0] Strap-Ons
[5] Swapping/Swinging
[5] Teasing
[5] Torture
[5] Used by Others
[5] Vibrator Play
[5] Voyeurism
[5] Water Sports
[5] Whipping