•·.·´¯`·.·• Hand Fasting Ceremony •·.·´¯`·.·•

Priestess speaks:

Welcome friends & family, as we gather to celebrate the marriage of <GROOM> and <BRIDE>.

Divine One, I ask thee to bless this couple, their love, and their marriage as long as they shall live in love together.

May they each enjoy a healthy life filled with joy, love, stability and fertility.

Turns to the East:

Blessed be by the element of air.
May you be blessed with communication, intellectual growth, and wisdom.

Turns to the South:

Blessed be by the element of fire.
May you be blessed with harmony, vitality, creativity, and passion.

Turns to the West:

Blessed be by the element of water.
May you be blessed with friendship, intuition, caring, understanding, and love.

Turns to the North:

Blessed be by the element of earth.
May you be blessed with tenderness, happiness, compassion, and sensuality.

Faces all:

In all the eons, the long slow climb of evolution has no greater culmination than the union of people in love.

From the time the first amoeba fissioned into two, there has been the possibility of companionship — and the possibility of loneliness.

From the time Nature invented sexual reproduction, love has been a quickening.
In us as self-aware beings, sexuality provided a way that love can conjoin the bodies, hearts, minds, and souls of those who love.

Many of us have sadly turned away from Nature’s harmony for most of our lives.
There is war, loneliness, and desolation, and the soul of Nature mourns.

So when there are those of us who love enough to make a commitment such as this one tonight between Missy and Tommo

the very stars rejoice at the rediscovery of love, joy, and bounty.

Let us bless the rings.

Circles represent eternity, and though our lives are finite, love is everlasting, the creative force that binds us together, the force that gives new life.

The blessings of the wind upon these rings and your love, that you share communication and creativity.

The blessings of fire upon these rings and your love, that you share passion and the spirit.

The blessings of water upon these rings and your love, that you share love and compassion.

The blessings of the earth upon these rings and your love, that you share health and sexuality.

We are born of stardust and deepest oceans, of erupting volcanoes and the bones of the earth.

In celebrating love you celebrate a heritage of all these things.

In making a commitment to loving each other, you share that which is best in us and give a moment of light to the world.

Please face each other.

Do you now commit to each other to love, honor, respect each other, to communicate with each other,

to look to your own emotional health so that you can relate in a healthy way

to be a support and comfort for your partner in times of sickness and health, as long as love shall last ?

You may now together say: I do.

I now pronounce you joined in marriage.

You may now kiss your bride <GROOM>

May you each and together be blessed with health, happiness, harmony, and love.