•·.·´¯`·.·• Collaring Ceremony 5 •·.·´¯`·.·•


Candles and a white rose are set on a small table.

Dominant enters, carrying collar and leash.

submissive enters and stands opposite Dominant.

At a glance, the beauty of the rose inspires lovers, poets, and artists. For its fragrance attracts all, near or far as its beauty mesmerizes the eye. But through the long lifeline of this beauty flows pain and fear. Fear of all man, all animals, and all things. For beauty as soft as this is often crushed. This life has branched into so many paths of curiosity on its search for the path to transcendence. Growing from the root, through all the thorns of pain, to all the branches of choice this long beauty has found the way to bloom and to blossom into something beautiful. Something that brings envy, awe, and inspiration. But remember this beauty’s stem, all full of thorns and branches as all lives are filled with pain and choices. But in the end all will blossom into something that brings envy, awe, and inspiration to others. All will blossom as the rose.

We are here tonight to witness the collaring of (slave) by Master/Mistress (name). I am very honored, and so I would like to thank Master/Mistress (name) and (slave) for asking me to officiate at this collaring.

This candle is a symbol of the commitment you both are making here tonight. We are here tonight to witness an exchange between Master/Mistress (name) and (submissive). (submissive) will yield up a portion of his/her freedom. Master/Mistress (name) will accept responsibility for his/her welfare. Tonight, they will cease to be two independent persons, and will enter into a new relationship as Dominant and submissive. But what is the nature of that relationship? The mark of the slave is in their devotion to their duties, regardless of their work, or their Master/Mistress. A collar is a symbol to the community that an exchange of power has taken place. But beyond that, what does this collaring signify? There are all kinds of collars, with all kinds of meanings. And ultimately, in our lifestyle, a collar has the meaning that the two people involved give to it. And so, Master/Mistress (name) and (submissive) now will explain what this collaring means to them.

Dominant reads statement of what the collaring means to them.

submissive reads statement of what collaring means to them.

(submissive), this white rose symbolizes your submissiveness to Master/Mistress (name). The white color represents the purity of your gift, while the still slightly closed petals show that your submission has not come into full bloom. And it never will. Submission is ever deepening, ever growing and you will never reach a place where you cannot blossom a bit more. Is it your desire to offer your submission?

It is.

A submissive’s proper place is at the feet of the Dominant. So, (submissive), I ask you now to kneel.

submissive kneels

This collar is a symbol of your submission to Master/Mistress (name), a symbol that you have surrendered a part of your will to another. Realize that this will be your last decision as a completely free man/woman. Will you accept this collar of your own free will?

I will.

*Officiator – to Dominant:
Master/Mistress (name) this collar is a symbol that You have taken responsibility for (submissive), that you will protect him/her, nourish him/her, and help him/her learn and grow. Will you accept this responsibility?

I will.

Master/Mistress (name) and (submissive) now have pronounced their commitments to each other and symbols of the power have been exchanged between them. They now are Dominant and slave.

Until you see two people, owner and owned, existing in a complementary relationship where each suits the other like balances on a delicate scale, until you feel the energy of their rapport, you cannot understand how they fulfill each other, take and give in ways no negotiation can possibly express. Then you understand the singular intimacy which drives such people in their search for perfection. It is beyond orgasm. Beyond love. It can almost be called rapture. To achieve that level requires many years… But in the end, there is nothing which compares to it.

Light this candle when times become difficult for you. Know that the path of submission you have chosen is not an easy one, and you will not always find joy in your submission. There will be times you regret your loss of freedom, times when the joy of this night will fade. For it is the nature of man, and the nature of woman, and their curse, to forget. At those times, let this candle be a remembrance of what you have surrendered this evening, and what you have gained. Keep in your hearts the memory of the flame you have lit here tonight. This ceremony is complete.

Dominant then attaches the leash to submissive’s collar.

They exit together.