•·.·´`·.·• Valentine’s Day Slave Date Auction •·.·´`·.·•

Everyone is invited! Come enjoy a special Valentine’s Day with Sensual Delights

and some EXTRA special treats on this sweet day! 

  • ALL Applicants have been screened, are in good standing with Sensual Delights and submitted a minimum of 3 references. 

  • All potential Auctionees will be required to complete an online application and provide 3 references.

  • A week prior to the Auction 3 applicants will be chosen to participate. These will be chosen by Sensual Delights. We are looking for the Best of the Best for this Unique event!

  • An in-world application and Board will be placed a minimum of 48 hours before the Valentine’s Day Slave Date Auction & Live Event in the ballroom at the Sensual Delights Sim (To View the auctionees and attend the event please take the teleporter on the Sensual Delights Sim to the Ballroom). 

  • Once on display the boards will be available for bids. All bidding will conclude at 9pm SLT, Friday, February 14th.

  • Each Auctionee will be in attendance of the event and free to dance and mingle during this time. 

  • Our own DJ Joker will be admiring the available flesh for his own fantasies while spinning the tunes at this special Valentines Day Event!